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02 May 2012
Renewable Technology

EH Smith :
Location : Solihull
Contractors: Eco2Solar

Following our investment in Sustainable Products we think it important to demonstrate this in our own business. We have developed a number of initiatives within the business to measure and reduce our impact and energy consumption. The most visible project to date is a 26.16kwp PV array on Head Office.

Using 109 REC 240wp panels, the array will produce around 26,000kWh per year which will generate around £10,000 per year in Feed in Tariff revenue for 25 years.

We chose the REC panels due to their high performance in field tests in Europe which show they are one of the best performing panels on the market. Coupled with the fact that they have the lowest Carbon footprint of any panel in the world they were a natural choice.

We were delighted with the installation on Head Office. It caused minimal disruption due to the contractor being willing to install over a weekend and the combinations of the energy savings and Feed in Tariff revenues have ensured that it makes commercial as well as environmental sense.

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