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Cropthorne Autonomous House

04 May 2012
Air Tightness

Mike & Lizzie Coe :
Location : Cropthorne, Worcestershire
Architects: Neill Lewis Architects
Contractors: Mike Neate, Eco Design & Construction

This is one of the most energy efficient houses in the UK. Airtightness was critically important on this project and EH Smith made a number of site visits to assist with some detailing. The attention to detail paid off, and the project has met its' exceptional target of an energy requirement of just 5kWh/m²/yr where the UK average is around 300kWh/m²/yr!

The principle of an Autonomous house is to have:

• No space heating of any kind. No boiler, no wood stove, no heat pumps.
• Completely 'water-neutral' by use of harvested rainwater and composting toilets, so no connection to mains water or drainage.
• Intelligent use of renewable energy rather than 'eco-bling' makes the house carbon negative.
• Energy Requirement exceeds the exacting German Passivhaus standard at just 5kWh/m²/yr.
• Obtains its servicing from the land on which it stands, giving it a tiny environmental footprint.
• But designed to be acceptable to 'non-eco enthusiasts', to be a beautiful home inside and out, and an inspiring place to live.

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