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Otter Brewery, Devon

18 May 2012
Solar Lighting

Otter Brewery :
Location : Honiton, Devon

The Otter Brewery in Devon is lucky enough to be located in the heart of the Blackdown Hills – an area of outstanding natural beauty and also an area of special scientific interest. With this in mind, the Brewery have always felt a responsibility for the environment and were keen to extend this to their new 'eco cellar' in the brewery.

The cellar already incorporates many features that help maintain their environmental responsibilities and reduce the Brewery’s carbon footprint such as a living 'sedum' roof, clay honeycomb block walls, and two thirds of it has been built underground to keep the cellar cooler and thus eliminate the need for electric chilling systems.

It may be cooler underground but it is also darker, with no natural light – great for otters, but not so good for the work force. What was needed was a solution that would provide a significant amount of light, with no heat gain.

The challenge was also made greater by the cellar's 4.2m ceiling height, with access available only through the wall and hence necessitating piping daylight horizontally up to 6m along the ceiling and finding a method of suspending and supporting the tubes.

Outside the domes would emerge at ground level, not ideal at the best of times, but they would also be at the bottom of a steep valley, facing almost due east.

Solatube® Daylighting Systems rose to the challenge; the 99.7% Spectralight® Infinity reflective tube system ensured that acceptable levels of daylight would be delivered despite the long tube length. And the active daylight harvesting via the domes meant that the problematic dome location was less significant. The Brewery is delighted to have found a solution in Solatube® Daylighting Systems that meets all their criteria.

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