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24 May 2013
Lighting & Voltage Optimisation

EH Smith :
Location : Birmingham

An important aspect of our new Sustainability Centre in Birmingham was the lighting. We want to practice what we preach, so in conjunction with our manufacturing partner, Kosnic, we installed LED lights throughout the centre.

EH Smith worked with Kosnic’s Project team to develop a lighting scheme that included LED Panels, LED Downlighters and tilt/adjustable LED Downlighters.

Kosnic’s LED Panels were the ideal solution for the training rooms as they provide perfect task illumination and - as they are virtually flicker-free - visual comfort.

We needed just 20 of these panels in the demonstration room (compared to a traditional lighting specification of 46 fluorescent fittings). This reduction was due to the superior light output and efficiency of the LED panel.

In the seminar room, adjustable LED Downlighters feature along the side of the main wall. These provide an aesthetically pleasing ambience and just enough light for note-taking while visitors are listening to presentations or watching demonstrations of the latest energy efficient products.

When compared to a traditional / halogen installation, Kosnic LED fittings will provide a saving of 23,082 KwHr a year, reduce the electricity costs by £4,242 a year and see an annual Co2 reduction of 12,280 KG

Kosnic LED lamps are not only used in our training centre, but are sold to our clients. We wanted a supplier who is competitively priced, but also gives us confidence in their product and its provenance. Kosnic are much more than just a box over the counter.

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