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A look at how Solar PV could be more widely intergrated into construction projects, if it was better understood by the construction sector.

Infra-red radiant heating is the transfer of heat using energy waves not warm air. So heat energy in the form of radiation will always travel directly from a hot surface to a cooler surface.

In the past many Chinese manufacturers sold PV modules worldwide at a loss, dominating the market with cheap solutions. This was stopped in 2012.

Spurred by an increasingly long list of fire issues from PV products, IMO Precision Controls recently wrote to an international electrical body expressing their concern regarding a safety critical component being used in many installations of PV equipment. Graham Viney, Quality Manager at IMO discusses the safety issues with AC to DC switching and highlights a lack of industry awareness of the challenges or the solutions.

This Article was originally written for the PassivHaus Magazine in March 2014

PassivHaus works. If you are reading this, you probably already know that, but why doesn’t everyone do it? There are around 250-300 certified PassivHaus buildings in the UK. Or to put it another way, less than 0.25% of the homes built per year in the UK are built to this standard.

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