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Minimum Import Price - What you need to know

In the past many Chinese manufacturers sold PV modules worldwide at a loss, dominating the market with cheap solutions. This was stopped in 2012.

What are these regulations?
Since 2012, Chinese solar manufacturers have had to sell PV panels at a minimum price to maintain fair competition with European competitors.

Many have set up manufacturing plants outside of China to bypass these regulations.

New regulations are set to restrict panel supply from this type of manufacturing (often called OEM)
How do anti-dumping regulations affect me?

If a panel is found to have been made in China, rebranded outside of China and has then been sold for below the Minimum Import Price (M.I.P) of €0.52 per Wp, the manufacturer, importer and installer can all be heavily fined.

The same applies to cells made in China but put into ‘non-Chinese’ panels.

A number of manufacturers are being investigated for these practices.

 If you install panels which do not comply with the European Commissions regulations, you run the risk of being fined and/or installing panels from manufacturers that are in danger of going out of business. If a business disappears, so does the warranty on the panel.

What should I do?
Ask for written confirmation of the origin of your panels from  your distributor.

Be sceptical of purchasing panels that are of Chinese origin which are being offered at well below standard market rates.

Talk to EH Smith about which panels are best positioned for long term investment to give customer and installer peace of mind.
“EH Smith have been a trusted supplier to businesses throughout the UK since 1922 and always scrutinise manufacturers so that you dont have to. We have been here a long time and plan to stay for a lot longer! We only recommend manufacturers that are planning to support their systems for the long term."  

- Matthew Hannant (Business Development Executive)
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